SPAA Profile

Snow Pond Arts Academy
Charter High School
Sidney, ME 04330
CEEB Code 200009

Deborah Emery: Superintendent
Heather King: Principal

NEASC Accredited
Member of the Maine Cohort for
Customized Learning:a Collaborative of Innovative

Demographics: Class of 2017
39% for free or reduced lunch
0% English Language Learners
14% Special Education


Snow Pond Arts Academy (SPAA) aims to transform students’ lives and contribute to the cultural capital of central Maine by providing a high quality, comprehensive, college preparatory academic and arts education in an inclusive, nurturing, and culturally rich environment for high school students.

SPAA will be dedicated to academic excellence, commitment to the performing arts, leadership, integrity, and a virtuous code of conduct, all of which prepare students to meet the demands of a contemporary world through thoughtful attention to curriculum, culture, and civic responsibilities.

School and Community

Snow Pond Arts Academy (Population: 150) is a performing and visual arts-focused free, public charter high school currently serving 50 towns in Maine. The District is located in a rural setting on Messalonskee Lake and shares a campus with New England School of Music, having an 81 year history.

Academic Program

Snow Pond Arts Academy’s proficiency-based, creative learning model ensures that all learners demonstrate proficiency on national standards for academics with an integration of arts. Content Knowledge, Complex Reasoning, Habits of Work are taught through the arts and are thoughtfully measured to provide students with feedback about who they are as learners, artists and contributing members of society.

Our learner outcomes include a progression of learning expectations aligned with the Common Core State Standards, the Maine Learning Results and the National Core Arts Standards. Since 2016, Snow Pond Arts Academy has been working at transforming its innovative educational system to better meet the individual needs of all Maine Learners. All students have personal learning goals which help support their academic interests, creative passions, and learning styles. This is designed to intrinsically motivate and challenge all students through the arts.

Our proficiency based, arts-centered, customized learning and graduation policies ensure that all students leave highly literate and as problem solving skilled graduates. During their high school career at Snow Pond, students have access to dual enrollment courses, advanced placement courses, online courses, job shadow and community service opportunities as well as a rich performing and visual arts curriculum.

Each learner must meet a common and essential set of demanding proficiencies. Snow Pond Arts Academy qualified staff works hard to help students meet these rigorous expectations by offering multiple pathways and methods of demonstrating learning.

We recognize that all students learn in different ways and times and we provide multiple opportunities for learners to gain proficiencies. Our system is focused on what our graduates learn rather than on the amount of time it takes them to reach rigorous graduation proficiencies.

Our goal is to prepare students for success in college, career and citizenship while fostering a lifelong passion for the arts.