SPAA Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm.

MEETING Minutes SPAA Board of Directors Dat e: Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Reception for Advisory Board Members
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
SPAA Conference Room

Snow Pond Arts Academy Conference Room – 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

There were no reports or policies to approve at this meeting. The Board went into an executive sessions immediately following the financial report.

Directors Present: Janna Townsend, Sherry Gilbert, Carl Steidel, Kathy Moore, Julie Richard
Directors Absent: Deb Levenseller, Rick Bryant
Public: Jessica Crowell, Parent Representative
Staff: Deborah Emery, Head of School; Heather King, Principal; Diane Manter, Office Manager; Heather Neal,
Business Manager

Call to Order – Janna Townsend 5:35 p.m.
Resolution: Moved By: Seconded: Vote:

Items of Discussion:
Introductions ( 3 min)

    1. Adjustments to Agenda (2 Min) NONE
    2. Review/Approve prior month’s Meeting Minutes (attached) (5 Min) MOTION: To approve the December16, 2017 meeting minutes. 2nd – Sherry Gilbert. VOTE: 5-0
    3. Review/Approve Financial Reports October/November – (5 min)
      Review and approve audit report for School Year 16-17

      • Heather Neal went over the audit report and distributed and reviewed the Management Letter Response.
        • Relationship with Shared Services Provider – Julie Richards would like to revise the first line to
          read: “ Snow Pond administration and School Board have been working diligently to ensure the
          separation of of roles and responsibilities between SPAA and SPCA”
        • Check signing: The Board discussed the current policy of 2 signatures on checks over $5000 and
          decided to make the following motion based on the current process in which checks are approved.
          MOTION to approve 1 authorized signature on checks of any amount made by Carl Steidel. 2nd
          by Kathy Moore. VOTE 5-0
        • Financial Policies and Procedures: Heather reported that she does have a draft she is working
          from and completing for Board approval.
        • Handwritten checks
        • Bank Reconciliations
        • Deposits
      • Heather Neal reported that there was a significant loss in funding from the state, due to ESP adjustments.
        Heather and Deborah met over the Holiday break and worked to get the budget back in the black. They
        sent their report to the Financial Committee. Heather & Deborah will supply a summary of this meeting to
        be included in these minutes
        MOTION to approve the November 2017 Financials, FY16 Financial Audit and Managment Letter of Response
        with revisions made by Julie Richards. 2nd Carl Steidel. VOTE: 5-0
    4. Public Comment
    5. Committee Reports : (25 min total)
      Approval of policies:

      • Academic Excellence Committee: (5 min)
      • Governance Committee: (5 min)
      • Fundraising, Development/Marketing-(5 Min)
      • Finance Committee-(5 min)
    6. Head of School Report-(10 min)
    7. Principal’s Report:-(10 min)
    8. Old Business-(7 Min)
    9. New Business- (6 min)
    10. Announcements-(3 min)
    11. Executive Session-
    12. Next Board Meeting -(2 min) February 7, 2017
    13. Adjourn-(2 min) 7:30