For questions, please contact the Snow Pond Arts Academy Faculty!

Deborah Emery, Superintendent deborah.emery@snowpondartsacademy.org

Heather King, Principal heather.king@snowpondartsacademy.org

John Neal, Music Director john.neal@snowpondartsacademy.org

While SPAA is looking into developing a limited sports program, by law, charter school students are able to participate on sports teams in their sending school districts.

Students will be committed to a full day of academic and arts activity. There will be time allotted for physical activity, additional assistance with studies, and lunch.

The hours of attendance are Monday thru Thursday: 8:15 am to 3:00 pm and Friday 8:15 am-1:00 pm.

(These times are approximate.)

Arts will be integrated into the core curriculum along with classes that have a sole focus on the arts. SPAA will use an arts-integrated approach that integrates the arts into all academic learning.

All students have a full rigorous academic schedule as well daily participation in performing arts and visual arts courses.

Yes, as a public charter school SPAA is under the same obligation to provide access to special services as a regular public school. SPAA has a special education teacher on staff, along with a special education director and special education educational technician. SPAA may also contract with other providers, if necessary, to provide a free, appropriate education for all students.

Charter schools in Maine are publicly funded schools and any Maine student may attend free of charge.